What Are Wants?

Good question!

Wants are triggered by cues that come into our minds from numerous inputs.  They can come from our senses, from associated thoughts, from physiological cues and from our moods.  For instance, if you smell bread baking, you may want bread.  If you brush your hair, you may think, I want a haircut. If you’re thirsty, you want a drink.  And if you’re down, you may want to be alone. Wants are everywhere. 

The wants I focus on are the wants that make us who we are versus the wants that keep us alive.  Here are three kinds of wants and their associated negative thoughts that comes with them:

  1. Having Wants – “I don’t have enough.”
  2. Doing Wants – “I haven’t accomplished enough.”
  3. Being Wants – “I’m not good enough.”

Believe it or not, having wants and doing wants lead to being wants. But what does this mean?  

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